Instant loan without credit bureau without co-applicant.


The banks always offer new loan models that are tailored specifically to customers and their wishes and should therefore make a significant contribution to customer loyalty. Because in the meantime the market for loans has become so large and the selection for customers has become so confusing that only the bank with its offers, which is as close as possible to the customer’s request and which stands out with its offers, can survive.

Instant credit is currently in particularly high demand. It is applied for particularly quickly and is therefore quickly available for payment. Banks like to grant such loans, since they are usually small loans that have a good interest rate and for which the risk of default is also very low due to the relatively small loan amount.

But with all the courtesy and advertising of the banks, it should never be forgotten that the banks rely on security when granting loans. You don’t give away money, you just lend it. And this only to customers who have a good credit rating. An instant loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant is therefore not possible under normal circumstances.

Why an instant loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant is not possible

Why an instant loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant is not possible

With an instant loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant, there are exactly two components that disrupt the banks. On the one hand, it is Credit Bureau’s missing query that always indicates negative entries. This means that the borrower has not been able to meet its payment obligations in the past and has therefore received a negative entry. For the bank, this means that the money could be seized from the loan or that the bank itself goes away empty-handed in the event of a possible seizure. And she will avoid that.

If you then want to do without a co-applicant, the second security for the bank is missing and it will not agree to the loan. In order to be able to take out an instant loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant despite all of this, you have to take a look across national borders.

The loan from Switzerland

The loan from Switzerland

Foreign banks are unable to query the data of the German Credit Bureau. This data is only available to German companies and is not passed on abroad. It is therefore possible to take out a loan abroad without Credit Bureau. This is particularly popular and often done in Switzerland. The Cream Banks have very special loan offers for foreign customers and grant a small loan of up to $ 3,500. All you have to do is prove an unlimited employment contract and a high income.

A co-applicant is usually also dispensed with, so that an immediate loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant would be possible in Switzerland. So that the loan can be processed and paid out immediately, you should either go directly to Switzerland or apply for the loan online. If, on the other hand, you choose the route through a credit broker, the payment will be delayed and the cost of the loan will increase, since the broker would also like to earn on the loan.

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