Cash loans and credit rankings

Good Finance, Honest Bank and Fine Bank dominate the October cash loans and borrowings ranking.

Our analysis shows that it is in these banks that customers borrow cash in October 2015 on the most favorable terms. Regardless of whether they already have a personal account or not.

This month we asked the banks to present a cash loan offer for the amount of USD 5,000 net with repayment spread over 12 months. An example of a client is a family of three (parents plus a child) with earnings of USD 4,303 a month “on hand” from an employment contract of indefinite duration.

We asked to split the offer into two groups – for internal clients (with a personal account) and external clients (from this product in the bank – non-lenders). 17 banks responded to our survey. Which bank won the October cash loan ranking?

An offer for an internal customer

In the category of internal customers, we will take the most attractive cash loan in October 2015 at Good Finance . The total repayment amount will be USD 5 325 with a monthly installment of USD 443.75. At Good Finance, an internal customer will not pay a commission for the loan.

A customer of Honest Bank will pay little more during the lifetime of the loan. The total repayment amount for 12 months will be USD 5,385, with a nominal loan interest rate of 5% per annum and a one-time commission of 5%. The borrower’s budget will have to prepare for a monthly installment of USD 448.79.

Fine Bank’s loan was also on the podium. In turn, this bank offers a cash loan with no nominal interest rate. The costs are mainly due to a one-time commission of 9% of the financing provided. The customer will repay a total of USD 5,450 for one year in equal, monthly installments of USD 454.17.

Thrift Bank and Fast Bank also offer very similar credit terms in October.


October list of loans and cash loans for internal customers close Fine Bank, Thrift Bank, and Bank. The latter is the only one in which the total repayment amount exceeds USD 6,000 and the monthly installment is USD 500. This is the result of a nominal interest rate of 9.99% per annum and 13.99% one-time commission for granting the loan.

The best cash loan for an external customer

Interestingly, in the category of loans for customers without an account and not interested in setting it up, the first three rankings look the same as for the offer for internal customers.

The cheapest loans are at Good Finance, Honest Bank and at Fine Bank . Moreover, the loan terms do not change. Statement leader – Good Finance is ready to borrow USD 5,000 at 4.90% per annum, no commission. The external customer will have to return the same USD 5 325 as the internal customer.

Thrift Bank, which does not grant loans to external clients at all, falls out of the ranking. Eurobank with slightly worse credit terms is in the top five of this bank. The customer will have to return a total of USD 5,500 and the monthly installment will be USD 458.33.

At the bottom of the table, the shuffles are also cosmetic. Thrift Bank and Gbank are still the banks with the weakest cash loan offer in October 2015. At Thrift Bank, an external customer will pay a total of USD 31 more than a customer with an account. Fine Bank took the position of Fine Bank among the three weakest suppliers of loans and cash loans.

In October 2015, it’s best to go to Honest Bank or Good Finance. Very good conditions can also be found in Fine Bank and Fast Bank. This applies to both internal and external clients. Banks with a weaker credit offer in October 2015 include Thrift Bank and Gbank.

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